What We Do

In short:
We listen, chat and create space for women by running the Thrive Course and one off workshops and via our online social media presence.

In more detail:
Thrive was born out of hundreds of conversations with women at the school gate, the park and in work places across Stafford; stories of resilience, courage and every day battles. We gained insight into the lives of local women doing incredible things in business, addressing injustices around them, innovating in their work places, family life and communities, living with physical and mental health issues and caring for the needs and wellbeing of family, friends and strangers.

But what also came through in these conversations was a recurring theme of women being left to scrap for their own mental, emotional and physical needs amongst the juggling of competing demands. Resources needed to help them care for themselves were often missing or chronically depleted.

As we listened we saw the need to create spaces and moments where women could have meaningful conversations, wrestle through struggles, think, dream and breathe. Many of these moments happen informally over coffee or whilst chasing tiny humans around Stafford Town Park (!) but we also knuckled down and spent time creating and curating the Thrive Course - a four week course designed to encourage and equip mothers to understand and truly care for their own and others emotional well-being. In addition to the Thrive Course we run ad hoc, one off workshops for women to listen and chat with a guest speaker about a specific topic - often a topic that we have recognised as recurring, important or neglected in our Stafford community. 

Through our courses, workshops and online presence, we provide women with the room and resources they need to care well for themselves and each other. We believe (with evidence to back us up) that when women are invested in and empowered, it improves family lives, the economy and our communities. Thrive Women's Network isn't about fixing things for people or selling a lifestyle. It is a belief that as women are listened to and encouraged, their creativity and courage will grow, and when women thrive, everyone benefits.
Thrive Womens Network 2020